Autumn Activities for Babies + Toddlers

Autumn Activities for Babies

Hey mommas! It’s that time of year we’re we pull out the fall decor and pumpkins, with hocus pocus on constant repeat. It’s the beginning of autumn! And with fall creeping up on us I decided to share my favourite fall activities to do with babies + toddlers!

0-6 Months

Now at this age having a baby can be kind of, well, boring. They’re too young to enjoy anything and usually sleep the day away. However that doesn’t have to stop you from having fun in their company!

1. Take photos at a pumpkin

A very simple activity that can be done both asleep or awake. The photos are also perfect for your family’s annual Thanksgiving card! And it’s always fun to be able to look back at baby’s first autumn.

2. Make footprint and handprint art

There’s no sweeter gift to give to grandparents and extended family than copies of those precious tootsies! With orange, brown, and red paints you can make the sweetest fall themed arts to decorate your home with.

3. Play with an Autumn sensory box

Fill a shallow box with leaves, mini pumpkins, pine cones, and baby gourds. This is such a great way for baby to have a fun time discovering the four seasons! This is an easy cheap indoor activity that will teach and entertain baby for hours.

4. Go to a Corn Maze

Strap your baby into a baby sling and head out on a corn adventure this fall by visiting a local maze! Makes for cute photo ops, sets the mood for fall, and gets everyone some fresh air.

5. Make Autumn Inspired Baby Foods

Use ingredients like sweet potatoes, carrots, granola, pumpkin, cinnamon, and squash to make delicious fall foods for baby to try!

6 months +

Once your baby can sit, crawl, or walk your list of activities grow. Some of these are better for 12mo+ but it really depends on each individual baby!

1. Paint Pumpkins

Carving pumpkins and be messy and slightly dangerous for younger tots, painting pumpkins is a wonderful alternative! Have your little one doodle and finger paint their own little pumpkins to decorate the porch with. Certain paints wash off and the pumpkins can be reused for Thanksgiving as well!

2. Rake Leaves/Jump in Leaf Pile

As you’ve probably learned, little kids love ‘helping’ mom and dad do chores. They are always game to help paint, mop, wash windows, and even rake leaves. Have a fun family yard day raking up the lawn and then reward yourselves by jumping into those exciting leaf piles!

3. Make s’mores

You can go to a bonfire, use a fire pit, a fire place, or even just your stove. Nothing says fall like melted marshmallows! S’mores get smiles out of most youngsters and definitely help show them why fall is so much fun!

4. Draw Hand Turkeys

A fun fall activity that makes a keepsake to last a lifetime. Hand turkeys are one of the most favourited things for littles to make and decorate!

5. Go to a Football Game

Fall kicks off for me once I attend my first football game of the season. High school, college, and professional sports can be so fun to watch and it’s the one time your kids can be loud without anyone caring. And besides, who doesn’t love concession stand nachos?

6. Watch Hocus Pocus

This movie is rated PG so be sure it’s appropriate for your own audience. Hocus Pocus is a Halloween classic. Nothing sets the autumn mood better than family movie nights!

7. Go Trick-or-Treating

Visit neighbours, friends, and family this Halloween with your littles are dressed up in their adorable costumes! Even babies can take part in this activity. Dont forget to do a quick search at your little ones candy before letting them eat up!

8. Bake a Pecan or Pumpkin Pie

Baking with the kids helps to teach them how to cook and can be a fun activity to teach math as well. Use measuring cups and teaspoons to add and subtract. This is personally my favourite activity because it leaves the house smelling so yummy and cosy + you get to eat pie afterwards!

Fall 2020 certainly won’t be the same as other years, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be just as fun! I hope you and your littles have a fun time with these activities, and comment your favourite fall crafts below!


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