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Empowering Moms, Nourishing Babies

Whether you’re expecting or already navigating the adventure of parenting, Mommy and Milk is here to guide you through the various stages of parenthood. Mommy and Milk offers a secure environment for honesty, inquiries, and encouragement for motherhood.


The joys and challenges of raising children. Building bond through breastfeeding and nourishing your little one.
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breast milk

Breast Milk & Formula

The natural food source and its nutrient-rich healthy alternative for infants offering similar nutrition.
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motherhood tips tricks

Tips & Tricks

Tips, Tricks & strategies for parents to grow their children with proper nutrition, education, and socialization.
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Donate Your Breast Milk, Save a Baby!

Hey Supermoms of the USA! Join our breast milk donation campaign and be a hero to premature and sick babies across the USA. Your extra supply can provide essential nutrients and antibodies that can make a world of difference in their tiny lives. Donate your breast milk and be a part of something truly life-changing!

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